Cosmetic Dentist

Client Background

We were approached by a cosmetic dentist with a multi-office practice. They were already running Google Adwords through an agency however they felt that the results could be improved.  Their key objective was to attract more inquiries through both online forms and phone calls to the practice.

The client budget was $12k per month.

Project Scope

Our approach consisted of the following steps:

  1. Review the existing account to determine ways in which the account could be restructured to improve efficiency. In many cases, poor performing accounts are not built in a way that ensures you are getting the most of your spend and/or are not being properly optimized.
  2. Identify advertising methods that were currently not being utilized and recommend ways in which the campaign can be expanded in order to achieve best results.
  3. Design and test landing pages to improve the on-site conversion rate.
  4. Implement call tracking to ensure that all phone inquiries are properly captured, recorded and improvements in the call handling process identified.

Project Details

After reviewing the account history we determined that the cost in ad spend for each inquiry the practice received was $552.  This was clearly uneconomical and way above client expectations. There were several issues causing this high inquiry cost:

  1. Lack of accurate call tracking resulting in calls not being counted in leads.
  2. Restructure the account to focus spend on the highest value, best converting services
  3. Implement landing pages for the high value services to split test against the existing pages
  4. Substantially reduce the display network spend which was highly inefficient
  5. Rewrite all the ad copy to make it more compelling and increase click through rates.
  6. Implement an effective mobile strategy as mobile search was becoming increasingly significant
  7. Implement a strategic bid plan to ensure ads were correctly positioned, particularly at key times of day.

These actions were completed during an initial 3 month test program.


Since rebuilding and taking over management of the campaigns, the Client’s cost per lead has been reduced by 62% compared to the 3 months prior.  Based on this success, the campaign continued to make further progress to $115 per inquiry, a 79% reduction over the pre-takeover cost.


  Prior to takeover 69 days after 120 days later
Spend $11,952 $10,435 $9,287
Leads 22 50 81
Cost per lead $552 $210 $115


Client Feedback

The Client is extremely pleased with the increase in the number of inquires from their AdWords campaigns.  So much so, that the savings made have enabled diversification to other media to support brand recognition activities.

“We always knew that Adwords should be a good source of business growth for us but somehow we had not been able to find an agency capable of delivering.  This year so far has transformed our results and has hugely contributed to the growth of our practice.”  – Cosmetic Dentist *


* We have a signed non-disclosure agreement in place with this client and so full names are withheld in respect of this agreement.